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Note! I am asexual, and I am very sensitive about what words are used to describe my sexuality. If you call me queer I will be incredibly upset. When referring to what on tumblr is called the "queer community" I'd really appreciate it if we used GSRM instead. GSRM stands for Gender Sexual and Romantic Minorities and it's both inclusive of everything LGBTQ+ isn't and completely non-offensive like "queer" isn't.

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Petition to make Mr. Rogers' birthday a national holiday →

Many of you, like me, grew up with Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. He was a man of love, integrity, and respect. He was an educator, and genuinely loved every single person on Earth. He treated everyone as he treated children — with dignity and respect. He encouraged and supported millions of American children every single day for years upon years, and never gave up on a single one of us.

Please, let’s put Mr. Rogers into the history books. He was a man of peace and love, and infinite empathy and respect. Mr. Rogers deserves it.

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