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Note! I am asexual, and I am very sensitive about what words are used to describe my sexuality. If you call me queer I will be incredibly upset. When referring to what on tumblr is called the "queer community" I'd really appreciate it if we used GSRM instead. GSRM stands for Gender Sexual and Romantic Minorities and it's both inclusive of everything LGBTQ+ isn't and completely non-offensive like "queer" isn't.

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I know it’s a weird question but I still have to ask:

What the heck is a magnet school? 

Like, apparently I know a lot of people that come from magnet schools and there weren’t any disabled people or class clowns or people that couldn’t read/do math/pay attention. But they insist that they were in public schools. Which are required to take these students and integrate them into classrooms.


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  1. charliedontsurff ha contestado: They are used to integrate the best students from all over a school system . They often have a special focus like art or science
  2. travestysmilingateverything ha contestado: my cousins went to a magnet school, It had kids from all over the county and they had to like get picked from a lottery to go. IDK.
  3. karkles-the-adorabloodthirsty ha publicado esto